About the blog

Posted: February 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

About the blog


As you have noticed we are trying out some new looks om the blog, please let us know what you think.


As of yet we have three articles published, please feel free to contribute with your views, both through writing an article of your own, and also by engaging in discussions by commenting on other writers posts.


For those of you that might be interested the statistics for the three published articles are as follows:

What does Liberation Theology mean to me? By Anna Lähnn (63 total views)

What Theology of Liberation means to me, by June Ver F. Mangao (75 total views)

Theology of liberation and Karl Marx by Anna Skagersten (63 total views)


  1. The searches that have led people to the blog are:
    june ver f mangao (7), anna skagersten (2), liberation theology definition, mikael terstedt, peter rollins i deny the resurrection, karin ingridsdotter, june ver mangao

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