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At the last meeting we spoke about if we could recommend some books about Liberation Theology (befrielseteologi).

Even thought Gustavo Gutiérrez probably is not the one who used Liberation Theology for the first time his books are of course of most importance. His first book “Teologia de la liberacion” must be described like the most influenced book over the subjekt. Its translated to both Swedish and English.

If you want to read something about Gutiérrez I recommend The swedish writer Olle Kristensson,s book “Pastor in the Shadow of Violence”.

For the one who has never read anything about Liberation Theology, the Boff brothers ( Leonardo and Clodovis ) book “Introducing Liberation Theology” is a way of understanding what´s all about.

In Swedish I recommend the author Per Frostin. For example “Teologi som befriar” och “De fattigas evangelium – befrielse för svenskar”

  1. bruce grindlay says:

    Start with Leonardo & Clodovis Boff “Introducing Liberation Theology” then, perhaps, look at “The Liberation of Theology” by Juan Luis Segundo

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