Liberation Theology

One of the problems with the concept of liberation theology is that there is no general definition available for the network to adopt.

Such is the nature of liberation theology and that is one of the liberating aspects of it, that a unique theology can and will be developed depending on the opression at hand.

On this part of the site we will try to find a definition that can satisfy most of our members and include the various forms of opression.

Most of us will probably have a more radical approach to liberation theology, but we should bear in mind that our common definition is meant to unite us rather than set us apart.

Let the debate begin!

  1. A few points to consider when thinking of a definition or explanation to liberation theology…
    Any quotes are from the book ”The moderns theologians” edited by David F Ford

    Liberation Theology (LT) is to take Jesus’ message of liberty seriously, litteraly and not only figuratively. Doing so changes the content of Gods message to us in some fundamental ways. The texts in Luke 4:16-22 and matthew 25:21-36 changes meaning completely when seen in this light.

    LT was originally formed in latin america and focused on the poor, but the concept has widened to include all forms of opression. Feminist theology, black theology of liberation and other contextual theologies, each adressing a particulat form of opression, can all be included in the term ”Liberation Theology”

    LT has its roots in political theology (that God matters in politics), in marxist theory (in the way the society is described) and a genuine and bilical faith.

    LT is ”a vision of Christianity as praxis of love and solidarity with the poressed”

    In LT sin is not only seen as a individual moral act och existential separation and despair, but also as collective social structures.

    LT does ”not necessarily supply a new political ordering, nor offer a new theocratic state; rather it testifies to freedom and liberation, taking sides where God takes sides with the poor and the despised of the earth”

    ”Future economic gorwth cannot occur at the expense of the poor and the destruction of natural resources”

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